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Transradial Interventions:

An interactive tutorial by Prof. Tejas Patel, MD, DM, FCSI, FACC, FESC, FSCAI

Chapter 1: The Puncture Technique

Chapter 10: TRA for addressing CTO

Chapter 2: Patent Hemostasis

Chapter 11: TRA for AMI Interventions

Chapter 3: Complications & Management

Chapter 12: TRA for addressing Internal Carotid Artery Stenting

Chapter 4: Radial & Brachial Regions

Chapter 13: TRA for addressing Veribrobasilar Stenosis

Chapter 5: Subclavian, Innominate & Aortic Arch Regions

Chapter 14: TRA for addressing Subclavian & Innominate Artery Lesions

Chapter 6: Cannulation of the Coronary Ostia

Chapter 15: TRA for addressing Renal Artery Stenosis

Chapter 7: TRA for addressing Bypass Graft Lesions

Chapter 16: TRA for addressing Iliac Artery Lesions

Chapter 8: TRA for addressing Bifurcation Lesions

Chapter 17: TRA for addressing Mesentric, Celiac & SFA Lesions

Chapter 9: TRA for LMCA Lesions


This interactive tutorial addresses practically every aspect of transradial approach (basic to advance learning). This exclusive tutorial is also available on DVD. Contact: editor@transradialWORLD.com


A valuable learning resource for those seeking to learn practical methodology, avoid complications and observe the benefits of transradial access, from Prof. Tejas Patel, who has performed over 48,000 transradial access procedures and trained numerous operators in this technique. A clear, detailed and concise guide that readers will return to again and again, as the go-to resource for all things transradial. To review the table of contents, read excerpts, or order visit: www.patelatlas-basicsandbeyound.com