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Course Name: TRICO Fellowship: Coronary & Peripheral Intervention Through the Transradial Approach

Course Directors: Dr. Tejas Patel and Dr. Sanjay Shah

Participant Profile: Interventional cardiologists eager to learn the transradial approach. This Fellowship is most suitable for those who have recently completed their cardiology training. (For those in India, this means the DM or DNB course.)

Course Intake: Two participants every six months, starting March 1, 2008 (March through August; September through February).

Objective: The goal of the TRICO Fellowship is to give participants the understanding and skills they need to become independent, high-volume transradial interventionalists.

Curriculum: The TRICO Fellowship curriculum includes everything an interventional cardiologist will need to begin independently performing procedures through the transradial approach:

  • Patient selection protocols
  • Safety precautions
  • Hardware specifications
  • Puncture techniques
  • Vascular anatomy and catheterization techniques
  • Tips & Tricks in dealing with coronary and peripheral lesions through the radial approach
  • Complications and their management
  • Hands-on training
Although the focus of the course will be the transradial approach technique and not complex coronary lesions, lessons on tackling complex lesions such as bifurcations, long lesions, and diffuse disease will be a part of the curriculum.

Course Duration and Venue:
The TRICO Fellowship course involves observation, participation in outpatient and inpatient care, noninvasive assessment, and hands-on training in a hospital Catheterization Lab in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India over a period of six months. The training will be similar to super-specialty resident training. Details of the course are outlined at the end of this document.

Certificate: Participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded a certificate of training signed by the Course directors.

Continuous Mentoring: Dr. Tejas Patel and his expert team will be available to mentor participants after they complete their Fellowships. This may be in the form of refreshment courses or workshops at their Cath Labs.

Course Fee: For Indians, the total fee for the program is INR 1,00,000. A stipend of INR 30,000 per month will be paid to the Fellows during the six months of the course. If required, simple, low-cost accommodations can be arranged. The fee for the program for those coming from outside of India will be decided on an individual basis.

Course Details for Capable Fellows:

  • Patient selection protocols
  • Radial puncture techniques: After completing 25 successful radial punctures, Fellows will be allowed to help perform transradial coronary and peripheral procedures.
  • Capable Fellows will be involved in at least 200 transradial diagnostic angiographies (which will include at least 75 independent procedures)
  • Capable Fellows will be involved in at least 50 transradial interventions (which will include at least 10 independent procedures
  • Outpatient and inpatient care supervision
  • Echocardiography and stress test supervision
  • Night-on-Call (as per the instruction of the course directors)

Course directors will make assessments on a regular basis. If they are satisfied with the Fellow’s performance, the above schedule will be followed. If they are not satisfied with the Fellow’s performance and if deficiencies cannot be corrected, the course directors have the right to adjust the course and/or discontinue the candidate from the program.